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Project Manager

We are looking to hire a person who will have responsibility for project management in JTA.  This person will plan, monitor and, as a result, control our projects.  In addition, the successful candidate will be responsible for internal planning tools.  They will also help writing proposals, for example, preparing charts to help us sell sophisticated programs of work. If you think that you would fit this role, or if you are just interested in knowing more about JTA then either complete the form shown here or send us a message.


Automating this work will be an important part of the job, as an example, we wish to become measurably more efficient.  There are three systems which will be the responsibility of the project manager.  The first is our source control system, which is GitHub.  This is where issues and tasks are recorded and then given to staff.  The second is a Kanban dashboard.  We would like to use techniques, such as, burndown reports in our daily work.  The third system is where we record hours spent on each project and produce cost information.

We like to use Microsoft Project, to store tasks and roles.  Project allows us to produce clear charts, as a consequence we can explain the project to our clients.

Assisting us to propose for new work

Our project manager will be expected to help develop new proposals for work.  This means timeline diagrams, setting milestones,  expectations and helping to justify costs and plan resource.

The Skills of a project manager

It is important to ask direct questions, as this will help detect problems and, above all, resolve conflict.  Risk directly impacts the likelihood of success, as a result you must be able to measure risk.  You should also lessen risk, for example, by using open communication, and ensuring each person can express their concerns.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager

The role of the project manager includes:

  • Defining scope
  • Activity planning and sequencing
  • Allocating resources to activities
  • Developing Schedules
  • Estimating time and costs and developing budgets
  • Documentation for meetings and proposals
  • Creating Charts and Schedules
  • Managing Risks and Issues and setting expectations
  • Monitoring and Reporting Progress
  • Team Leadership
  • Influencing clients and teams
  • Working with Vendors
  • Controlling Quality


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