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What is a Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse is a repository of information.  It can hold logs, internal data or external data.  The records represent events or facts of a current or past period.

The benefits of using a Warehouse

Although it takes considerable time to design and implement a Data Warehouse, there are several benefits:

  • Enhanced Business Intelligence. Data from multiple sources in a single database, enable a central view across the organization.
  • Time efficient. Since users can quickly access data from several sources, they can rapidly make informed decisions. Besides that, executives are empowered and can query the data themselves with little or no support from IT, hence saving more time and money.
  • Enhanced Data Quality and Consistency.  Providing consistent descriptions, standards or even fixing incoherent or missing data, will improve data quality and consistency.
  • Historical Intelligence. A data warehouse stores large amounts of historical data, hence allowing the possibility for users to analyze trends and make future predictions.
  • High Return of Investment. Organizations that have implemented data warehouses and complementary BI systems can generate more revenue and save more money when compared to organizations that haven’t invested.

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