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JTA’s New Website

JTA’s new website goes live!  JTA has shown its new logo at a variety of trade events for many months now. Now, we are proud to announce our new website. The site can be found at TheDataScientists.com. For the first time we explain how we provide our data science work through three distinct disciplines:

Firstly, we provide services to design and build Data Platforms for supporting data science work.

We also have services for Data Analysis where we can use our algorithms to find the insight to give you a competitive advantage.

Finally, we have a specialist team working on Data Reporting services.  Visually stunning reports will bring your message to life and make it actionable in your business.

JTA’s new website will be a great tool by which we can publish our news and technical papers that explain how we go about our work. JTA The Data Scientists offer a full breadth of services and our new website allows us to showcase that fact.

The website is just the first of many steps that we will be taking to reinforce our brand.  We will soon be publishing more web content and also working on a series of corporate brochures and pamphlets.

JTA’s new website was built after we engaged the award winning agency, fifteen designs.  They reviewed our brand and suggested the new website. Fifteen did an excellent job.  In fact,  we have now extended our partnership with them to work on two other companies in the JTA group.


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