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Data Scientist

Bernardo Moreira

Bernardo Moreira is from Porto, has a degree in Sports Science and is finishing a Master in Management with a specialty in Business Analytics. Sport has always been a passion, but this disruptive data world caught his attention.


Why did you choose JTA?

JTA is known because of its expertise in the data field but also because of the people inside. Since the first contact I had with JTA, it seemed to have the perfect environment to grow professionally and personally.


What is the most unusual fact about you that not a lot of people know?

Since I was a child, I always been surrounded by animals. I already had 26 Mongolian gerbils in my room.


What would we be likely to find you doing at the weekend?

Probably playing a paddle tournament and spending some time with friends and family.


What is your party trick?

Give me 5 drinks (depending on what kind), and you will see.


Where is your favorite holiday destination?

I have the dream to go around South America with only a backpack!


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