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Daniela Costa

Daniela is Head of Data Visualization at JTA. She studied Biomedical Engineering at Porto University where she graduated with a Master’s degree.


Why did you choose JTA?

My brother was at university with Duarte and so I got to know the company and liked it!


What is the most unusual fact about you that not a lot of people know?

I love four-wheel drive and there is nothing more satisfying than driving on a mountain with a view and then going on an off-road trail.


What would we be likely to find you doing at the weekend?

On weekends I usually catch up on reading, checking some new coffee house. Catch some sun, if the weather is good or just chilling at the house and have the perfect dolce far niente.


What is your party trick?

I love to sing. Consequently, I burst into song without even realizing!


Where is your favorite holiday destination?

The current idea is going to Himalayas and just explore nature and the culture over there. If not, any place in Thailand seems also a very good place to go.


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