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Jonathan Rignall

A natural born company director who achieved his first CEO role in his early twenties in magazine publishing. Jonathan has worked in a strategic role in the gaming industry when he was based in California and has since dedicated himself to market and competitor intelligence roles.

Jonathan is also CEO of JTA’s holding company which manages a portfolio of investments including a hotel and a winery in Portugal’s Douro valley.


Why did you choose JTA?

I first worked with JTA when I was  a client at Microsoft.  I had contracted them to build a data warehouse to store market intelligence and to serve the data to a worldwide team of business strategists and market analysts.  Their solution was ahead of its time and very well executed so I decided to join the company.


What is the most unusual fact about you that not a lot of people know?

I grew up surrounded by the antiques trade and I love to collect antiques.  I have collections of French glassware, art deco lighting and, more recently, valve radios from the 1940s to the late 1960s.


What would we be likely to find you doing at the weekend?

When not restoring antiques I love to spend time in the country in Portugal. I was the first foreigner to move to my village and I love being with my neighbors having a barbeque on the terrace.

I have two dogs who I try to keep always by my side.


What is your party trick?

Not to be at the party!


Where is your favorite holiday destination?

Casa de Palhais. My home from home!


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