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JTA The Data Scientists Awarded “SMB Excellence” Status for 2019

We are proud to report that JTA The Data Scientists has been awarded SMB Excellence rating for 2019.  This is our second year of having this prestigious designation.

SMB Excellence Rating – 2019

Portugal awards companies with strong financial results.  The Institute for support of small and medium businesses and innovation issues the awards together with each company’s bank.

SMB Excellence Logo


There are two levels of awards that a company may obtain, Leader and Excellence, and the latter is the highest award.  A total of 0.6% of all SMBs in Portugal obtain Leader status and 0.2% Excellence.  In order to achieve excellence status a company must show the following:

  • The company must be growing.
  • It must show strong profits, both by sales volume and by capital deployed.
  • The company must show high levels of liquidity and low debt ratios.

Winning this award is important to us.  This is because we can share the PME Excellence logo with pride and we stand out in the Portuguese market.  It means a lot to our staff that we have achieved PME Excellence.  Naturally, they have the pleasure of knowing that our efforts are noticed.  It is all the more gratifying because our company is not from the capital city where there is a greater concentration of PME Excellence companies.



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