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Give your team the advantage with solutions that automate reporting and data. This gives you precious hours to use on what matters most, taking action.


Stay calm and collected with real-time information only a click away. Business intelligence and analysis has never been this easy.


Data drives your bottom line. Use these key insights to increase your customer base, reduce costs and discover potential profits.

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Our area of expertise

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Data Platforms

Data Science demands easy access to data.  Providing specialist design and development services JTA will give you a competitive edge.  Scalable, consistent, secure, accurate and timely data; from internal or external sources; from small files to big data: We have a solution.

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Data Analysis Asset 2

Data Analysis

Whether your business would benefit from statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence or forecasting and modelling, our data scientists will have the answer.  Either performing the analysis for you or supplying the tools that you need, JTA will unlock the insight in your data.

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Data Reporting Asset 2

Data Reporting

All data tells a story which can be revealed by best-in-class systems delivering your competitive advantage in an intuitive, easy-to-action way.  Deploying off-the-shelf solutions or building custom-made animations our data scientists can deliver what you need

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Our Latest Testimonials

The online solutions provided by JTA are very powerful and dynamic. Working with JTA is always a pleasure and a trouble-free experience.  Consequently, our relationship with JTA is very collaborative.  JTA always handles any challenges promptly and without stress.

Raymond Piombino, Founder, Bordeaux Consultants International

JTA can be trusted to get the job done right, on budget, and on time. I literally NEVER worry about errors when working with them – they are very thorough, has an excellent eye for details, and are pleasant to work with. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jim McDonell, Analyst

Innovation… that’s why JTA exists...
and it’s how the company forged itself in the first place. Providing innovative solutions to its clients complex and intricate data dilemmas.

Whilst many service providers within the industry protest to ‘think outside the box’, JTA thinks outside the industry. This begins with the specialist team that has been handpicked from a multitude of outer-industry specialisms to join the JTA family and assist it in giving clients the knowledge, answers and power to progress their businesses.

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