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Improving Products

Software is now written with telemetry in mind. Systems and applications are designed to report errors, crashes and additionally, user behavior back to the developers. For that reason, any product sold world wide this equates to a vast store of data that can be mined by software companies.

Firstly user behavior can tell a software company a lot about where their purchasers have difficulty using the product and can suggest new innovation that users will like. In addition, it also allows for the reduction in bugs and crashes and can speed up the product’s response time.

Market Modeling and Forecasting

Telemetry data tells us a lot about the product life-cycle.  We can see how organizations adopt our new products. Clustering allows us to separate customers into groups of those who invest heavily in our software and those who don’t. By looking at other indicators we can spot patterns that help us to identify why customers differ.

We can also see when customers stop using our products or they upgrade to newer versions. This can assist in planning support desk resources and deciding when to withdraw support for a certain version of a product.

Sales Optimization

By analyzing a customer’s purchase profile and looking for other signals from responses to sales messages it is possible to measure a customer’s propensity to buy and to predict the products that they will be interested in buying. This can allow for an integrated, data driven, sales approach that will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the sales process and the return on marketing spend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Science?

In 2012 the Harvard Business Review called it “The sexiest job of the 21st century”. Some claim that it is nothing more than a sexed-up term for statistics and so a lot of confusion reigns. We believe that Data Science is a merger of many traditional disciplines, bringing together statistics, processes, algorithms and machine learning. This means that it can have different interpretations but at its heart data science is the extraction of knowledge from data.


If you would like to know some more then read about How JTA The Data Scientists does its work or have a look at some other FAQs.

You could also explore our case studies or whitepapers.

What is the future of Data Science?

In the future of data science we will discover Causality without needing to understand the “why” or “how”. As data volumes increase, we discover patterns that may trigger us to investigate why. Data Science finds patterns so that humans solve problems that we didn’t know we had. This has an immense impact on our lifestyles. We will start to truly understand the impact on our lives, diets and behaviour.

If you would like to know some more about the future of data science then read about How JTA The Data Scientists does its work or have a look at some other FAQs.

You could also explore our case studies or whitepapers.

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The online solutions provided by JTA are very powerful and dynamic. Working with JTA is always a pleasure and a trouble-free experience.  Consequently, our relationship with JTA is very collaborative.  JTA always handles any challenges promptly and without stress.

Raymond Piombino, Founder, Bordeaux Consultants International

JTA can be trusted to get the job done right, on budget, and on time. I literally NEVER worry about errors when working with them – they are very thorough, has an excellent eye for details, and are pleasant to work with. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jim McDonell, Analyst

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