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It is now very common for software applications to submit usage data to the cloud for later analysis by developers. This rich stream allows developers to improve usability and to home in on hard to find bugs. This telemetry data also can be used for strategy and planning. Software products need to be supported and the data can be harvested to optimise the support strategy and manage end of life for a product. In addition, classical machine learning services such as basket analysis can help to develop highly effective sales strategies.

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Financial Services

The financial services industry has always been highly data-centric. By nature, all transactions or trades must be recorded and stored as a legal requirement. The volumes of data in this industry are vast and so are ripe for deployment of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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Health Services

Data Science is extremely important to both Medicine and Healthcare. As for most other industries, computer systems are taking the burden of keeping and sharing records and saving money. Healthcare, however, is able to use data science to truly revolutionize medicine to the point that computers can match doctors at diagnosis.

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The gaming industry has moved into the mainstream and continues to grow. New technologies are opening new markets with a lot of gaming now aimed at mobile devices. This growth brings in huge amounts of player and usage data that can unlock significant revenue from in game sales and advertising. Primarily improving revenue performance this data also allows companies to improve the game experience and reduce gamer churn.

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Transport & Logistics

Making up over 10% of global GDP the transportation sector is one of the largest, and fastest growing, industries. The industry comprises many types of transportation such as Air Freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight and Passenger transportation all of which are rich sources of big data.

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