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Modern Techniques to Visualize Your Data

Modern data science seeks to find insight in very large quantities of data and it might need to use sophisticated algorithms to do this. However, if you can’t show the results to your users in a way that they can understand then your work loses value. When we are dealing with insights hidden inside huge quantities of data it can be hard to visualize. It is not just about showing the data but we must be able to show why our finding is important and what it might mean to the business.

Don't Show the What Show the Why and Wherefore

Designing great data visualizations is difficult. It is often easier to just show what you have found in the data. However, it is important to show more. Firstly, why are we seeing the result and what is driving it? Secondly, what does this mean in the context of the business?

Produce Stunning Visuals

It is hard to design a good visual. They have a lot of success when the are stunning and nice to look at. However, very often, less is more and simplicity is important too. Using animations and movement might seem superfluous but it really helps engage the user.

Keep it Simple

Your reports must provide what is needed and no more. Make sure that a report is not misleading and can't be misconstrued. They must reveal the right questions and point to the answer.

The Secret Recipe to Success

Do your reports help to find answers and reveal the right questions?
Uncover problems and point to solutions.
Does your report track a KPI or goal or does it actually help to drive it?
Do your reports allow for interactivity and allow users to drill down into much more detailed views.
Are your reports visually stunning?
Above all, reports should be actionable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really make data speak?

Do we make data speak? Well, not literally of course! All data of a certain size has a story to tell. It will have trends, sudden movements, be able to show cause and effect interactions and perhaps explain human behaviour. It is not always easy to discover the stories that the data can tell, but we have over 20 years’ experience in doing exactly that. That is why we say, with confidence, that we make data speak.

If you would like to know some more then read about How JTA The Data Scientists does its work or have a look at some other FAQs.

You could also explore our case studies or whitepapers.



Do you offer an onsite service?

We are happy provide an onsite service by sending teams to work at our clients’ premises or we can work remotely from our offices. When clients have sensitive data and do not wish to risk data being misused or stolen, we will often suggest working onsite. It is also common for JTA teams to travel to visit our clients anywhere in the world. When we provide the majority of our service from our offices we will often have status meetings and planning sessions onsite.

If you would like to know some more then read about How JTA The Data Scientists does its work or have a look at some other FAQs.

You could also explore our case studies or whitepapers.

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Our Latest Testimonials

The online solutions provided by JTA are very powerful and dynamic. Working with JTA is always a pleasure and a trouble-free experience.  Consequently, our relationship with JTA is very collaborative.  JTA always handles any challenges promptly and without stress.

Raymond Piombino, Founder, Bordeaux Consultants International

JTA can be trusted to get the job done right, on budget, and on time. I literally NEVER worry about errors when working with them – they are very thorough, has an excellent eye for details, and are pleasant to work with. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Jim McDonell, Analyst

Which industries use our innovative approach to Data Reporting?

We work across several sectors providing data solutions that inform and enhance your business. Whether it’s confidential financial information, life-saving medical records or software to improve the gaming experience of your users, our dedicated team are agile enough to deal with all needs.


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