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Working at JTA

Do you offer summer internships?
We have a tradition to host summer internships every year. We want provide students with opportunities to have real work experience.
Our interns come from varied backgrounds and experience. 
Many of our summer students are finishing their master’s degree and want to get work experience
For example, we have hosted young people from the USA, Canada, UK and Belgium.  They wanted to experience a different country and culture and, of course, Portugal’s beaches!   
Does JTA have a dress code ?

There’s no dress code. However, we’re not expecting an employee to show up in beach clothes and flip-flops!

The general rule is that the closer you are to the client the nicer you dress.  It is always good to look smart and well dressed with clients, however that does not meas formal dress such as suits.

Can I work remotely?
We are open to working remotely.  However, during the first few months we want to make our new employees happy with the environment and their work. In reality this means that we encourage new employees to work in the office. They will join in the fun and events and will assimilate knowledge and understand our way of working.
This is also a great time for them to show us what they can do and suggest improvements. In JTA The Data Scientist learning is a two way street.
We are very happy to help employees with remote working if that suits them and we may help to provide a home office environment in special cases.
Our clients are often remote and a lot of our meetings take place via video conferencing. Because of this we train all new recruits to be competent at using conferencing and collaboration tools for communicating both internally and externally with clients and partners.  
We also like to meet our clients and partners and so there will be international travel required too!

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