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Welcome JTA’s 2019 Intake

We are excited to introduce JTA’s 2019 intake. We welcome four great new members to the team. They have chosen their desks and work starts now!

From left to right in the picture we have Domingos Costa, Joana Pereira, Carolina Cerqueira and Luís Costa. They were all drawn to JTA following our successful attendance at careers fairs held by their respective universities.

The New Team

Firstly, Domingos is quite a rare name and means Sundays. He is 23 years old and from Caldas das Taipas, a small village near Guimarães. Domingos is finishing a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Engineering and Management.

Joana is 24 and from Guimarães. Like the company founder she is passionate about Mathematics. For her bachelor’s degree she appreciated the beauty of abstract mathematics. However, she then chose an MSc in mathematical engineering to help her prepare for a career in data science.  Apparently Joana is a huge fan of FC Porto.

Carolina is 23 and from Braga just finishing her masters in Engineering and Management of IT systems at the University of The Minho.

Luís is 26 years old and was born and raised in Porto. He is just finishing his masters degree in Network and Information Systems Engineering at the University of Porto’s Science Faculty. Like Joana, Luís is also an ardent supporter of FC Porto. Apparently, JTA’s 2019 intake will be going to a lot of football matches together.

They have already started to make a huge difference to the company. Firstly, they have all settled into the JTA lifestyle really well. Above all they are already delivering great work in the area of OLAP cubes, Power BI reporting, Integrated Business modelling and analyzing telemetry data.

Good luck to you all!  We are sure that JTA’s 2019 intake will continue to be a great success.


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