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DSPT Day Online Event Recap

DSPT Day Online two-day event has concluded. These two days were a showcase of knowledge sharing and networking.

Several topics were introduced, covered, and discussed during the event by the speakers: quantum computing, neuromorphic computing, the future of AI, the challenges of neuromorphic computing, reinforcement learning (RL), dimensionality of configuration space and many more.

Attendees were also given the opportunity to network, share jokes, perform quizzes, earn activity badges and see what the event sponsors are currently offering and developing.

Our stand was visited by hundreds of attendees, where they were able to see a glimpse of how we make data speak. JTA thanks all attendees that visited our stand and specially, those who video chatted with our data scientists.

We want to extend congratulations to the DSPT Staff for organizing an amazing event and helping us set our stand, under such restricting conditions.

To all attendees of this event, you should feel delighted and proud! Not only you made this event possible, but together you showcased the quantity, excellence, and unity of the data scientists in Portugal.

JTA The Data Scientists was honored to gold sponsor the DSPT Day Online.

Thank you all!

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