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Machine Learning Engineer

Gonçalo Almeida

Gonçalo Almeida has a bachelor’s degree in Management and is currently finishing a master’s degree in Data Science and Advanced Analytics, both from “Universidade Nova de Lisboa”. He is from Viseu and is presently working as a Data Scientist at JTA.


Why did you choose JTA?

The opportunity to do real Data Science, being able to work on interesting problems that require more than just applying algorithms and getting outputs. Moreover, the working environment seemed a fit to my motivation to learn, while being an active part in providing ideas that are, actually, applied.


What is the most unusual fact about you that not a lot of people know?

This is rather paradoxical! The action of answering would, in itself, make the answer invalid, as it would, in no time, make the last premise invalid. Pass.


What would we be likely to find you doing at the weekend?

For the time being, most likely working on my master’s thesis. Apart from that, enjoying time with my family and friends.


What is your party trick?

Once I get used to people, I like to release the tension with some humor or an arbitrary fact that can range from an interesting football stat to a random physical thought.


Where is your favorite holiday destination?

I wouldn’t say I have one, as I have been lucky enough to have been able to enjoy every destination, this far.


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