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JTA Moves to Public Company Status

JTA Restructures For Growth

Due to our recent strong growth and financial performance we have just changed JTA to be a public company (S.A).  This is one of the first initiatives in a program to of actions where JTA restructures for growth.

JTA has just altered its legal status to become a Portuguese public company.  The S.A. status required us to increase share capital and also admit new shareholders.  This is just one part of a larger initiative to make us ready for new growth, and to explore new opportunities.

In the coming months we will also improve our corporate governance.  We also intend to establish a group holding company to allow us to manage new subsidiaries and related businesses.  These changes will, naturally, require us to appoint auditors and other financial advisors, but we see these as positive steps in our evolution.

One very important objective that is driving this initiative is the admission of new equity partners to the business in the coming years.

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