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JTA The Data Scientists Awarded “SMB Excellence” Status for 2020

We are extremely proud to announce that JTA The Data Scientists has been awarded with the SMB Excellence Award for 2020, in Portugal. In fact, this is our third consecutive year of winning this award.

The excellence award launched by IAPMEI (Institute for Support of Small and Medium Businesses and Innovation) in 2008, distinguishes companies with high performance over many areas.  Once again, JTA achieved the highest level of recognition granted by the institute.  Only one company in 500 achieves this distinction which puts all of our hard work into context.  It is particularly gratifying to be recognized for exporting Portugal’s talent to other countries and to raise the profile of our home country.

Winning this prize for the third time in a row is a great result for JTA. It recognizes that we were able to maintain the level of excellence from last year and we continue to stand out and reinforce our brand.

It is only with fantastic staff that we are able to win this Excellence Award. Congratulations to them all and a big thank you for their hard work, effort and commitment to The Data Scientists.

If you would like to know more then click here to read about how we work.


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